Celestial Spark Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes From Absolute New York




For length with fluttery, feather-like wisps, go for our Celestial Spark Magnetic Lashes. These lashes are multi-layered for lush fullness at every angle and outfitted with 5 secure, yet tiny magnets that keep your lashes locked in place all day, all night.


Magnetic Eyeliner sold separately


Explore our 6 other Magnetic Lash styles 


False Lashes Length of Lash Hairs Length of Lash Band
Sublime Beauty [ELMG01] 5-14 mm 30 mm
Set in a Trance [ELMG02] 5-12 mm 27 mm
Mystique [ELMG11] 7-12 mm 28 mm
Your Muse [ELMG12] 5-19 mm 33 mm
Supernatural [ELMG13] 6-16 mm 34 mm


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